Wednesday, 22 October 2008

WOLFSKIN: Sculpey test marionette

Here's a pic of the first test marionette for Wolfskin. It's sculpted in Super Sculpey on a articulated wire frame padded out with foil.
1) Make the frame using garden wire
2) Pad out bulky areas with Foil and wrap thinner wire around the arms, legs, neck to help the sculpey grip to the wire
3) Sculpt directly onto the wire frame and bake as directed on the packet
4) Hey presto, a puppet ready to paint and costume and string.

The plan is to have these smaller marionettes so I can create bigger scenes in the small space I use to film. Double size (2 foot high) puppets will be for close ups and more detailed scenes.

Time will tell how hard wearing the puppet is but I'll post a finished pic of him/her soon.

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Maglugbel Shelly said...

Great! thanks for your post! im make dolls too! :)